A Dog’s Way Home is much more than puppy love

A Dog’s Way Home is much more than puppy love

The latest animal epic joins the canon of canine movies that give us all the feels.


Bryce Dallas Howard, Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King


Charles Martin Smith

Release date

January 11th, 2019

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A Dog’s Way Home is the story of the unbreakable bond between Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King), and his rescue dog, Bella, voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World). After the pair is separated, Bella embarks on a 400-mile journey to get home. Along the way, there is heartache, peril and joy as she touches lives in the way only a mutt on a mission can.

If you’re a huge sucker for good dog movies, you’re not alone: Recent studies help explain why we love to have dogs in our lives (and, by default, in our films). Scientists have discovered that domestic dogs — unlike the wolves they evolved from — have genes that make them highly sociable toward humans . From an evolutionary standpoint, the puppy-eyed gazes, sloppy kisses and furry snuggles they use to win our hearts make us want to feed and shelter them. Researchers have also concluded that humans can interpret the emotions behind canine vocalizations and body language with astonishing accuracy. So we can’t help but connect with hound heroes on the big screen — I mean, we basically speak dog! (Handy tip: If you’re the type to avoid a dog film because you’re worried about tragic outcomes, check out the site doesthedogdie.com —it’s perfect for those times when you want a spoiler to avoid the heartbreak!)

More dog tales to love

A Dog’s Way Home is set to join the pack of classic films about our very best friends. Here are a few favourites that made us laugh (and sometimes cry) into our popcorn.

101 Dalmatians

Perfect for: Kids (and those who grew up with the animated classic! )

Glenn Close’s Cruella de Vil does her best to be a scarlet-lipped scene stealer in the live-action version of this canine classic, but those lolloping Dalmatian pups truly make the movie. And they’re so smart!

Isle of Dogs

Perfect for: Lovers of quirky Wes Anderson films

This dystopian sci-fi flick is about a 12-year-old orphan, Atari, searching for his beloved pet, Spots, on Trash Island off the coast of Japan. The artfully observed quirks of the motley pack of stray doggos in this stop-motion animation will have real-life owners smiling in recognition.

Marley & Me

Perfect for: Anyone who has loved a dog from puppyhood to…pass the tissues

There are no stunning plot twists to speak of in this tale of a goofy yellow lab and his family, but who needs Shakespearian drama when you have a dopey 100-pound fur- baby forever getting into low-key mischief? (Warning: It’s a true tear-jerker.)

A Dog’s Way Home is for animal- lovers of all ages

We don’t want to spoil anything, but this movie is way more heart-warming than heart-breaking, so the family-friendly pick is great for all ages, and best shared in a theatre filled with dog lovers.

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