Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween offers good spooky fun for the whole family

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween offers good spooky fun for the whole family

Whether you grew up with Goosebumps or are new to the spooky world of R.L. Stine, one thing is for sure: Goosebumps creates an imaginative horror universe that kids of every generation can enjoy.

There’s a reason why R.L. Stine has sold over 400 million copies of his popular Goosebumps series: Kids like horror, and Goosebumps is the ideal gateway scary movie for children. While most horror films are gory, violent and hyper-sexualized, this series is the answer to your little monster’s craving to be spooked. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Goosebumps has been a mainstay in popular culture, from the book series to the television show, and now to the hit film franchise. Starring Jack Black as R.L. Stine, the films take a creative approach, telling a unique story centred around the Goosebumps universe instead of focusing on one of the sixty-two books written by Stine. The first film saw the characters from Stine’s books magically unleashed into the small town of Madison, Delaware, and the sequel follows a new cast of characters (including IT’s Jeremy Ray Taylor) who mistakenly open a haunted copy of one of Stine’s novels, wreaking havoc on Halloween.

The leader of the pack is the infamous Slappy, a walking, talking ventriloquist dummy who is easily the scariest aspect of the Goosebumps world (and the object of my childhood nightmares). Slappy was always menacing and evil, but this new iteration of the character is more fun-spirited than the television version that haunted YTV on Friday nights.

Giant gummy bears, headless horsemen, flying pumpkins, dolled-up skeletons, and even more ambitious imaginings make Goosebumps 2 a sure-fire riot. Anchored by a talented comedic cast including Black, Wendy McLendon-Covey and Ken Jeong, all the kids’ fears are sure to be offset by the film’s fun, comedic nature. Because the first thing you want to do after being scared is to laugh, and you’ll get both in equal measures out of Goosebumps... depending on how much of a scaredy cat you are.

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If you want to celebrate Halloween with the kids, this is the ideal film to see as a family. While the three main characters scramble to save Halloween from R.L. Stine's monsters, you can be right in the action with our D-Box seating that moves and shakes with the rhythm of the film.

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