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Top 5 Jeff Goldblum roles

There isn’t a single actor out there that is comparable to Jeff Goldblum. He’s a completely original, quirky and hilarious guy that many of us have an inexplicable affection for. The man has a very seasoned filmography, ranging from cult classics to some of the most important films ever made--- one of which is a little movie by the name of Jurassic Park.

As Ian Malcolm in Steven Spielberg’s epic adventure, Jeff Goldblum was the charming voice of reason. A mathematician who specializes in chaos theory, Malcolm could foresee the problems that would arise at Jurassic Park, knowing that life would find a way, and that the dinosaurs would attack.

We’re super excited that Goldblum will be reprising this iconic role in the upcoming sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In honour of Goldblum’s return to the franchise, we’re breaking down our top five Jeff Goldblum roles.

5. Thor: Ragnarok: The Grandmaster

The Marvel Cinematic Universe needed a little Jeff Goldblum, and it got him at his best as The Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. No one could pull off the bizarrely humourous nature of this character who is obsessed with making people fight to their death the way that Goldblum does. The Grandmaster is the ruler of the planet Sakaar, and he’s a man-child who manipulates people to give him what he wants. He made a mistake however, when he pit Avengers Thor and The Hulk against each other. A quirky man much like Goldblum himself, he was the perfect actor to fit director Taika Waititi’s vision.


4. Independence Day: David Levinson

Jeff Goldblum was often cast in intellectual roles, which made him an ideal choice to star as a satellite technician saving the world from an alien invasion in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. While his character didn’t have the most confidence, he was highly intelligent, and Goldblum brought his signature charm to the role, giving David Levinson a unique dimension, and lending to a fun dynamic with co-star Will Smith.


3. The Big Chill: Michael

Arguably his breakout role, Jeff Goldblum was part of a stellar ensemble cast in the 80s film The Big Chill. This is the kind of adult comedy/drama that defined a generation, and it gave a career to many of the actors who starred in it. As Michael, a reporter who reunites with old friends for a weekend after one of their friends committed suicide, Goldblum balances humour and drama and is a stand-out of the film.


2. The Fly: Seth Brundle

As Seth Brundle in The Fly, this is probably Jeff Goldblum’s most notable leading performance for a man who often plays second-fiddle to bigger stars. No one could’ve done it better though, as David Cronenberg’s horror classic required someone of Goldblum’s particular wit and appeal to play the crazy scientist that wants to make transportation possible, but whose experiments go awry and turn him into “The Fly”.


1. Jurassic Park: Ian Malcolm

All of the characters in Jurassic Park are iconic, and that’s especially true of Ian Malcolm, who went on to star in the sequel The Lost World, and who we’ll see again in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. As the skeptical mathematician who is invited to Jurassic Park as an insurance consultant, Goldblum’s scenes in this film are among the most memorable, and his dialogue is hands down the most quotable.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in Cineplex theatres on June 22nd, 2018. Click here for tickets and showtimes!