Wonder Park is teaching kids never to underestimate the power of dreaming

Wonder Park is teaching kids never to underestimate the power of dreaming

This inventive new animated adventure film uses imagination and creativity to help a little girl cope with loss.


Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Kenan Thompson, Mila Kunis


David Feiss

Release date

March 15, 2019

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June (Brianna Denski) is a young girl whose mind is always firing with creative ideas. Together with her mother (Jennifer Garner), she spends her early childhood dreaming up and constructing a model theme park, called Wonder Park — a place of talking animals and fantastical rides, manifested thanks to June’s imagination.

When tragedy strikes she also loses the will to dream. What follows is a deeply moving story of how she reclaims her purpose in life, after stumbling upon the real Wonder Park in the woods. By teaming up with her own imaginary creatures, June saves the park from destruction — and reclaims her imagination along the way.

Here’s why every child should see Wonder Park!

It reminds them to dream

After her mother gets sick, June’s world becomes a drab place. The contrast is heart-wrenching, between her colourful early imaginings and the bareness of her room when life gets tough.

While June’s life experiences are extreme, they are a powerful metaphor for the trajectory lots of kids follow today: from an early childhood full of creativity, constructing and crafting, to older years lost in smartphones and gaming. Seeing the magic and vibrancy of June’s life when she lets her imagination reign is a powerful invitation to keep on creating!

It reminds them to play outside

Remember a time when kids were always outdoors climbing trees, watching ants on the sidewalk and making daisy chains? So many children have become homebodies, losing the instinct to immerse themselves in nature.

June rediscovers her creative side and begins to heal from her grief among the treetops, under open skies and alongside an enchanting cast of living, breathing creatures. Seeing her amazing journey will make kids want to get outside and get a little wild. That’s a good thing!

It reminds them to create the world they want to live in

With her passion for construction, June aspires to be an architect or a builder. She’s an industrious kid who rolls up her sleeves and puts in the labour necessary to create the theme park of her dreams.

For any child interested in STEM, she’s an excellent role model — particularly for other little girls who love to build, invent and problem solve but don’t always see their gender represented in careers that fit their passions.

Wonder Park is more than a roller coaster ride of a story. It’s an invitation to dream big, work hard and make things happen.

Wonder Park is a movie to share with your family

See the beautiful renderings of a little girl’s imagination come to life on the big screen, and encourage the kids you know to keep dreaming and creating.

A Wonder Park at Cineplex

Come see Wonder Park this March Break as the theatre transforms with all of your favourite theme park activities! At 4 select locations, experience Wonder Park to the fullest throughout from 10:30am to 3pm. There will be caricature artists, balloon animals, face painting, life size colouring books, and tons of fun giveaways for everyone to enjoy!

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Cineplex Cinemas Coquitiam and VIP on March 23rd


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