Your Ultimate Summer Movie Guide: July

Your Ultimate Summer Movie Guide: July

Summertime is all about being out of the house, and the movie theatre is always a favourite spot to visit after a long, hot day outside.

Thankfully, there’s a ton of great picks to choose from. It has already been a stellar year for movies, and the summer of 2019 boasts one of the most exciting lineups we’ve seen, with titles for every type of movie-goer.

Read on for our must-see picks this July.

Wind down and cool off after a day with friends and have a fun night out. Our favourite Spidey is swinging into theatres (marking the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film post-Engdame), guaranteeing a dose of comic relief, and in Stuber, we get the beloved Kumail Nanjiani on the big screen!

Spider-Man: Far From Home 

Release date: July 2

Featuring the most light-hearted character from the MCU, this new Spider-Man series is considered a palate cleanser after the darker and more emotionally charged Infinity War and Endgame. Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) and his high school friends always offer a lot of laughs and tons of heart. Here, Parker travels to Europe for a vacation, but he’s pulled into a mission by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), making his trip anything but relaxing.

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Release date: July 12

Get ready for the craziest Uber ride ever. In Stuber, comedian Kumail Nanjiani plays an Uber driver named Stu who is kidnapped by one of his passengers, a detective on a wild assignment played by Dave Bautista. This unlikely duo embarks on a ridiculous and hilarious adventure that promises laughs best shared with a packed theatre.

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Summer means more precious family time, but finding things to do can be a challenge. This season, we have the perfect film for the whole family, and it’s one to watch over and over again.

The Lion King 

Release date: July 19

The greatest ensemble cast ever (Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and Beyoncé…need we say more?) comes together for a CGI remake of Disney’s most beloved film. The Lion King uses groundbreaking technology to tell the timeless story of young Simba, who flees his kingdom after his father is murdered. While away, he makes friends, learns invaluable life lessons and discovers what it takes to be king.

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What's better than a summer day spent with your significant other or new crush? A carefree night out is the cherry on top. End your night with the new Tarantino film — a masterful work that will surely spark a heated debate.


Release date: June 28

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Beatles and their groundbreaking music, but that’s exactly the premise of Danny Boyle’s Yesterday. Jack is a struggling musician who wakes up one day in an alternate universe where nobody but him remembers the prolific band — and when he starts playing their music, he is mistakenly given credit for writing the iconic songs, which catapults him to fame.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

Release date: July 26

Hot off its Cannes debut, Quentin Tarantino’s latest is a love letter to Hollywood. The film features two of the biggest stars of all time: Leonardo DiCaprio plays an actor and Brad Pitt is his stuntman, and together they’re chasing their dreams in 1969 Los Angeles. Margot Robbie co-stars as Sharon Tate, whose devastating story is the backdrop to Tarantino’s trademark hybrid world of fiction and real life.

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We dare you to keep your cool during these electrifying films. With everything from creepy cults to unstoppable alligators, all types of horror fans will find something to scare them this July.

Annabelle Comes Home

Release date: June 28

This spinoff series from The Conjuring films brings back haunted doll Annabelle. As she’s been locked up in a glass case and blessed by a priest, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) shouldn’t have to worry about her anymore. That is, until Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in their artifacts room, and they target the Warrens’ 10-year-old daughter.

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Release date: July 3

Ari Aster’s debut film, Hereditary, became an instant horror classic, and we have no doubt that this follow-up will be just as terrifying. In Midsommar, a young woman joins her boyfriend on a trip to a Swedish festival where an eccentric set of traditions quickly descends into something evil. Brace yourself: The trailer alone is giving us goosebumps.

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Release date: July 12

From horror master Sam Raimi comes new monsters to have nightmares about: alligators. Crawl follows a young woman who attempts to save her father during a hurricane. The two become trapped inside a flooding house and must defend themselves from the horrifying reptiles.

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